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Today, brick & mortar business is turning to web platform software to speed production, increase accuracy, and reduce cost... directly impacting the bottom line.

Web applications provide numerous benefits. Your clients and/or employees can managing projects, participate in sharing and distributing information or performing business tasks from the office or remotely. All from one web based platform, accessible from anywhere, all that’s required is an internet connection.

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PhilanthroCorp Content Feed:

Our client had many requirements based around a set of 100 pages of content they were placing on their client's websites.

Our solution is providing tremendous cost savings. Giving the non-tech staff the ability to make updates, manage and perform maintenance without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers.

 C. J. Foods, Inc

Pet food diets are extremely complex. The setup and reorder requires numerous documents and data collected for each diet order. We built a system that maintains an orderly collection and storage of the data. Our solution organized and streamlined the process. At a glance, the staff  &  management can see the progress of each order and ascertain data needed and keep production on track.

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 The Estate Plan Organizer

Long forms are not known for being successful on the internet. Our task was to create an application that would reduce a 28 page form to only present necessary requests based on the client's previous answers and provide a next step system that kept the content flow easy, logical and interesting enough that clients would finish their estate plans, wills and trusts.

The results are 30+% completion rate. By comparison, had less than 1% completion.