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Dynamic Website Development is able to pass on the advantages of individual account attention backed by major data center infrastructure. All our clients benefit from Enterprise level account services at shared hosting fee structure. 

We are extremely satisfied with our data center partner for the best in class service and support. Collocating at Springs Hosting (a leading provider) centrally located in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We are not a reseller or affiliate, we have full control of our servers and tune both server and application software to obtain maximum efficiency for our clients.

Our products and services are synchronized to work at optimum levels on our servers. We own Dell servers and have complete control over the server-side systems and settings. This allows us to maximize all the web has to offer without encumbering website coding possibilities.

Note: Live Broadcasting requires the Business/Linux or Enterprise/Linux for video chat & conferencing.

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Select the best plan for you below - 910-278-6952
Select a Plan Starter / Linux Standard / Linux Business / Linux Enterprise / Linux
Monthly Fee $5.95/month $9.95/month $19.95/month $29.95/month
5% Discount Paid Yearly $67.83/year $113.43/year $227.43/year $341.43/year
Domain $9.95/year $9.95/year $9.95/year $9.95/year
30 Day Guarantee
  Included Features
Storage Space MB 1,000 MB 2,000 MB 5,000 MB 10,000 MB
Monthly transfer MB 50,000 MB 100,000 MB 200,000 MB 400,000 MB
  Web Services
cgi-bin Resource
Ruby on Rails
Ioncube Loader
Zend Optimizer
  Mail Services
Mailbox (POP3 & IMAP4)
5 Included

25 Included

50 Included

100 Included
Mailing List
Mail Box Alias
Mail Forward
  E-Commerce Options
SSL Module
SSL Certificates1
  Types of Domains



Transfer Log
Referrer Log
Agent Log
Error Log
Webalizer Resource
MySQL5 Database



Static IP Address
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1SSL Certificates have an additional cost to them. More information here.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS), also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), give our customers complete control over their own server. There are several advantages to VPS hosting vs. Shared Hosting.

- Each VPS container is completely seperated from one another. A crash or a lockup on one VPS has no impact on other virtual servers running on the same physical hardware. The VPS container is also insulated from the physical hardware making it possible to move a VPS container from one physical server to another with no downtime.

- Each VPS receives a specified allocation of RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth. The environment allows for bursting within reasonable limits, but does not permit one VPS from dominating the physical server resources. The result is that each VPS receives a guaranteed level of service.

- Each VPS behaves exactly like a dedicated server, allowing the full security scheme to be utilized with absolutely no common link between data and the separated containers.

- Each VPS can be administered with total control of settings using the Springs Hosting Control Panel. All VPS plans support direct root access to the VPS via the command line.

- Each VPS has cPanel Hosting Automation Control Panel available for VPS installations.

- Each VPS can be installed with a variety of Operating Systems available for deployment within minutes.


Plan RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly Cost  
VPS Basic 256MB 10GB 150GB $20.00
VPS Starter 512MB 20GB 300GB $40.00
VPS Standard 1024MB 40GB 600GB $70.00
VPS Business 2048MB 80GB 1200GB $130.00
VPS Business II 3072MB 120GB 1800GB $190.00
VPS Enterprise 4096MB 160GB 2500GB $250.00
VPS Enterprise II 6144MB 240GB 2500GB $350.00
VPS Enterprise III 8192MB 320GB 2500GB $450.00
VPS Enterprise IV 16384MB 640GB 2500GB $800.00

Included with Every Virtual Private Server

  • No contracts and no setup fees
  • Monthly billing, cancel at anytime
  • 64-bit and 32-bit Linux images available
  • Choice of Linux flavor
  • Reserved RAM
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Guaranteed CPU share and more when available
  • 6-core servers running Xen virtualization instances
  • Full root access/rebooting
  • Automated backups (optional service)
  • Machines running below full capacity
  • Tier-1 redundant bandwidth

Did you know that Springs Hosting offers a Control Panel for all VPS customers and cPanel is also available for VPS installations?

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