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Live broadcast & On-demand video is a solid and affordable method for any church to reach more people. Members that can’t attend in person enjoy the familiarity of attending live broadcasts and new participants can get to know you better. Example of live broadcast.

On-demand video can inform new members who are getting to know the church and services as well as aid in studies where a pastor’s series of video can be referenced.

The use of video is only limited by your imagination.

Our high powered Dell servers are running Adobe Flash Media Server. This configuration provides powerful delivery methods that can save significant bandwidth costs and lighten network load to help you deliver the best media experiences.

Uploading your pre-recorded videos is a breeze from any platform upload 1 hour (500 mg.) videos quickly and play back is optimized for each user through Adobe Flash Media server and ffmpeg server software.

Cost– the average church can expect about $40 month total cost of hosting, storage of more than one hundred 60 minute videos and Live broadcasting 6 to 8 sermons or events monthly.

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